Poems forthcoming in The Latinx Archive's anthology Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, AGNI, & Grist


Rabbit Catastrophe

"Before Skipping Town"

Puerto del Sol (Absence Issue)

"Breathing Lesson"

Chapter House 

"Curas & Dichos"


"Boiling Puffins"


"If I invited you to love me"

The Boiler (WINTER, XXVI Issue)


Reservoir Journal

"Kelly Responds When Asked Why There Are So Few Bisexual Characters On TV"

FreezeRay Poetry

"The Long Trajectory of Grief"

The Acentos Review (Wild Imaginings, Powerful Queer Voices feature)


Zocalo Public Square

"baby teeth"

Palette Poetry

"8 chickens in a papier-mâché human: a bedtime story"

Black Warrior Review

"Slash-and-Burn" & "The Neck or the Dock"

Stirring: A Literary Collection

A Portrait in Blues (anthology)

Platypus Press

"Retellings" (print)

Huizache (issue 7)

“I still check for monsters before I go to sleep”

Sakura Review

“When the Rabbit Hole Has Teeth”, “Trapping Season”, & “Honey Bee Theorem”

Anomaly (FKA Drunken Boat)

"Inside the Foxhole"

Breakwater Review

 "The orchard is rotten between its ribs" (print)


"Sardine Spine"

Cosmonauts Avenue